I've always loved hunting for beautiful vintage clothing for my own children ever since my oldest was a baby. I remember walking into the mall and leaving with a headache from all the loud graphic tees and attention-seeking labels. It was so difficult to find quality children's clothing that reflected the beauty and simplicity of a childhood well lived. 

I want to honor our children and the gift of their childhood through the clothing they wear, and it brings me so much joy to help you do the same. Beautiful fabrics, timeless styles, simple, classic designs that let children be children--wild and free and imaginative.

Each item I've sourced has undoubtedly been worn, loved, and washed countless times by many children over the years, and their well made and quality designs have withstood it all. Many clothing brands today just aren't made with the same attention to detail or quality fabric content, but the modern name brands I do include in my collections are usually the few brands I really trust to make clothing that will last. So along with vintage pieces in the shop, you'll see some modern brands that harken back to the same classic styles and high quality designs. 

You'll also occasionally see vintage women's collections, although these will be smaller and less frequent. I just can't pass up those one-of-a-kind, gorgeous women's pieces when I'm in a thrift store and have a few extra minutes to browse the racks.

And, down the road, I'd love to add antique home wares that are beautiful, functional, and one of a kind so that your homes may be filled with love and warmth. 

Thank you for supporting this little shop that was born out of my own love for spreading beauty in the world, however I can.  


Please reach out with any questions/concerns or just to get in touch, I'd love to hear form you!